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Download Captain Cowboy 1.21 Apk Full for free. This game Captain Cowboy 1.21 Apk Full is available for all android devices.

Description Captain Cowboy 1.21 Apk Full

Captain Cowboy 1.21 Apk Full for Android

Free direct download last version Captain Cowboy from RexDl. an exciting adventure project perfectly styled old school. Pixel graphics and grainy screen takes us very far, when every game was a real discovery. Take the role of brave space traveler, after the crash on an unknown planet, it is necessary to urgently find a way out. Exploring the maze he needs to avoid encounters with evil aliens and at the same time to look around hoping to take home with them something of value. You can buy this game for a fee in the Android store.

  • Explore a huge handcrafted world
  • Get lost in your quests for diamonds
  • Get back on track with the handy automap
  • Find the mysterious exit warp room
  • Cross paths with friendly Snorkhogs and dangerous Gnurfs!
  • Create avalanches of falling rocks in front of motion sensitive laser turrets
  • Explore the underwater caverns with quite impressive water physics
  • Visit the secret space station Discotek
  • Simulated 8 bit char based videochip using 1008 volumetric parallaxed tiles on screen and a quirky CRT-shader

All in this little one handed portrait puzzle adventure featuring no in-app purchases, no advertising and extra continues are included in the price. And no tutorial! It’s just you and the game. Go for it!

Created in Vislanda, Sweden by Wadonk AB.


– finetuned blur for 480dpi devices.
If you find the crt-filter too blurry or too sharp ( almost like a visible grid )
Please contact us so we can finetune for your device. Sorry for chaos, but Android is such a huge platform to cover and we want you all to have a perfect experience!

: File Size 43 MB

: Version 1.21


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