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Download THE LAMP: Advanced 1.41 Apk + Mod for for free. This game THE LAMP: Advanced 1.41 Apk + Mod for is available for all android devices.

Description THE LAMP: Advanced 1.41 Apk + Mod for

THE LAMP: Advanced 1.41 Apk + Mod for Android


The twin sisters of Day and Night possess special powers of light and darkness. But because of their contrasting powers, they have brought uncontrollable chaos into the world, and after long years of fight between the two, they have made an agreement to split the time into day time and night time. But one day, all the light in the world just vanished, and Day sends a Champion to earth in search of lost light.

“The Bulb is the only thing that emits light in the world of darkness. Use the Bulb to find the lost light and find out why the light has vanished!”

# Genre.
– LAMP is an arcade/puzzle single player game.

# Game Purpose.
– Your player character is the Bulb. You must roll it carefully so that it doesn’t break and clear each Stage.
– Solve various puzzles by using Roll, Jump, and Light functions!

# Game Features.
– You must shine light on all the light objects in the stage to get high reward.
– There are difficult stages that require skillful control as well as various Boss Stages!
– Buy different Bulb backgrounds and play in fun and unique environment.

* THE LAMP: Advanced needs the following permissions:
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Requests permission to store the game files.
READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Requests permission to load the game files.


– Bug Fix

: File Size 80 MB | 82 MB

: Version 1.41


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