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Download Auto Chess War 1.96 Apk + Mod (Unlimited Money) for free. This Game Auto Chess War 1.96 Apk + Mod (Unlimited Money) is available for all android devices.

Description Auto Chess War 1.96 Apk + Mod (Unlimited Money)

Auto Chess War 1.96 Apk + Mod (Unlimited Money) for Android



In this magical-realist strategic PvE game, you need to purchase your men and arrange your own tactical formation to battle. You should upgrade your pieces and try various combinations to enhance your combat skills. Please notice that each piece has its unique skills and the key point to victory is how you locate the proper use of your pieces.

Followed the principle gameplay of auto chess, we are trying to provide you brand new experience with the arrived Endless Mode and the first chapter of Adventure. We’re still working for the further chapters of Adventure, equipment system and a new PvP mode that is very different from other auto chess games.

– Magical-realist characters and scenes. Human, Orc, Elf, and Beast allows you an exotic experience
– Unique battle view and gorgeous effects
– Your battle progress will be saved automatically, so please feel free to turn off the game and come back latter
– The roguelike Adventure provides different experience to you with each new Adventure
– Endless Challenge allows you to break your limits by increase the final wave by 5 with each stage clear

From the Developer
We’re a very small group (6 persons!) that has worked for this game for less than three months. We are working very hard to add more functions so please and please rate us as high as you possible to support us if you like this game. Your support is our energy to develop this game

About the Update
1. We schedule to update this game each two week, with at least 3 characters and new hyper-casual gameplay and functions in each update.
2. Sometimes the following updates might last for month with a new hard-core gameplay, however we won’t let wait for more than two months.
3. We always update as soon as possible if you encounter great bugs or difficulties in value.

– Abount VIP
1. 50% Extra EXP and Gems when clear each chapter
2. +1 Basic income in battle
3. Availability to SUMMON your roles in battles
4. Skip ads.

Recent Update:
– Equipment System!!!
– 18 Chapter Adventure Mode
– Player Levels
– Piece Cultivation System
– Talents

Coming Soon:
Runes, PvP



1. Added backpack system to the lobby in which you could view items dropped
2. Added shards purchase system which allows you directly use diamonds to purchase the corresponding hero shards in the deck
3. Adventure Chapter 52-64: increased materials drop rate
4. Endless: increased drop rate

: File Size 148 MB | 142 MB | 144 MB

: Version 1.96


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